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This function sets the minimum and maximum Y-Cursor position. PCW driver version 8: DDSCREEN Digital Research supplied an enhanced version of the PCW driver with all known versions of DR Draw and DR Graph, and this was the version shipped These include support for filled areas: CPC mode 1, showing filled rectangles. It is important that this switch position is changed before unit is switched on. Check This Out

Exit: All flags and registers preserved. IBM costruisce un oscillatore ad anello ... This does not affect the DK'Tronics synthesiser as it doesn't use the SBY line. Assuming such cables are in use, data is transferred as follows: Following the signal path from left to right (in Fig 2), characters from the keyboard are sent as serial data http://www.retroisle.com/amstrad/pcs/software.php

Hardware Flow Control The simplified connection described so far does not allow any control of the data flow. Exit: CX = X-Count. Note that the PC1512 is supplied with a special version of keybuk which correctly handles the extra key codes generated by the [DEL->] & [ENTER] keys, the joystick port and the For all other ZIP files in a set (either 46002/3/5 or 47002/3/4) you should unzip each file directly to a blank floppy using the -D switch in your pkunzip command.

A couple of games, such as Tubaruba, do not bother detecting the SSA-1, meaning that they will provide speech in MAME. Smith è una bufala 11 LUGPortatili HP a 264,99 e 334,99 Euro per il Prime Day 11 LUGAmazon Prime Day: i migliori SSD, schede SD e chiavette USB in sconto oggi The screen mask determines whether the cursor pixel is part of the shape or part of the background. Default is 128.

to always send if ready (at the transmitting end of the cable). NMIs work fine, however. One quirk of the PCW implementation is that the screen size isn't fixed; it uses whatever window is reported by the TE ASK system call, and (thanks to GSX scaling) all Press 5, and then 9 (siginfies loading a whole kit), type AMKIT, press Enter, and start the tape again.

Title Description Download System Disks PPC portable system disks (inc. CPU registers are used as follows: Entry: AX = 4. A disk buffer is a block of memory where MS-DOS holds data being read from or written to a disk when the amount of data is not an exact multiple of The default NVR value for these scan codes is the ignore code (all F's).

In Text Mode, mouse movement will cause cursor key tokens to be inserted into the keyboard buffer. their explanation Function 10: Set Text Cursor. If the software text cursor is selected CX & DX contain Screen and Cursor masks. Supplied values are rounded to the nearest values permitted for the current screen mode.

Star Wars Battlefront II: EA annuncia la... his comment is here Stop the tape, and press R to return to the main menu. For these machines, use the standard MOUSE.COM file that ships with Windows. The Mouse Buttons are both marked as being released.

Similar, but not compatible with, the DK'Tronics Speech Synthesiser. Function 2 (v_clswk) Resets the screen to bright ink on dark background. The other system, 'Mouse Systems Mouse' sends five bytes for every movement. this contact form Function 6: Get Button Release Information.

With a setting of 16 mickeys per 8 pixels horizontally it takes about 6.4 inches of mouse movement to move the cursor across the screen (640 pixels). The syntax of the FILES command is: FILES=n Where 'n' is the number of handles in the range of 8 to 255. The earth pin (pin 7) is still common to both terminals using this arrangement.

Prototype Spectrum driver.

The first system is the 'Microsoft Mouse' system which sends three bytes of information for every movement of the mouse. CGA 3 640x200 4 PC1640 with MD (switches set to EGA) SDEH19.EGA 2 640x350 2 PC1640 with MD (switches set to Hercules) SDHRC9.EGA 2 720x350 2 PPC512 or PPC640 SDRCG9. These configuration options include the following commands: BREAK Extended BREAK checking (Ctrl-C). Also, in the UK there are some Amstrad related files in the "amstrad" conference of CIX for those who have access to that service.

For DOS Plus which has a built in mouse driver, a similar initialisaiton takes place during system bootstrap. Function 7: Set Minimum and Maximum X-Cursor Position. CGA 2 640x200 16 PC1640 with CD (switches set to CGA) SDPLA9. navigate here Fig 8 Finally, if the transmission rate from one of the two terminals is known to be unstoppable (e.g.

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