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Driver Not Capable Dateformat

The default was intended to be that Multischema Support was disabled unless explicitly enabled. The V2 driver did not support BIGINT at all. COMPUTE month = SUBSTR(date,4,3). I'm trying to perform a write to a specific SQL database table (Through SQL Server 2K) using a ColdFusion 5 query... check over here

For example, if FetchAhead=NO and an application needs to fetch 50 rows from a table, this will result in 50 network buffers (plus other overhead) being sent over the network individually. Lets take for example the following double precision number to display: -1.123400000000000E-001 with Microsoft Query the number is displayed as -1.123400000000000E-00 Microsoft Query makes a call to SQLColAttributes returning the display FORMAT date(ADATE8). SQLDescribeCol incorrectly returns SQL_VARCHAR for List of Byte Varying Oracle Rdb List of Byte Varying data type (also known as segmented strings) was being described as a SQL_VARCHAR data type.

Help!! Fixed in EXECUTE . Wrong version number in driver log file The driver log file (controlled from the oraodbc.ini file) contained the wrong driver version number.

Fixed in Because the driver converts all tags to either VMS format or ANSI format, you cannot mix columns of both data types in a single statement. Sign In · Register Howdy, Stranger! COMPUTE yr=number(SUBSTR(datex,1,4),F4).

The Oracle Rdb ODBC driver does not support the use of ODBC date and timestamp tag literals in a single statement that references columns of both VMS-style and ANSI-style date/time format Microsoft Access(R) will see BIGINT data types as text fields and allow you to update the row without losing precision. The previous default behavior is still available, but only on a database-by-database basis. http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?185896-ODBC-Drivers-not-capable-Huh This is fixed in

SQLSetConnectAttr failure message when connecting Microsoft's ODBC Driver manager delays calling the driver's SetConnectAttr function until the application calls SQLConnect. Please contact Microsoft for more information on future MDAC/WDAC updates on older versions of Windows. COMPUTE date=DATE.MDY(month,day,year). Fixed in v3.0.2.5.

Copyright and Trademark Acknowledgments Copyright (c) 1993, 2010, Oracle Corporation. http://businessobjects58.rssing.com/chan-18409700/all_p404.html COMPUTE length = INDEX(date,' '). Could not retreive output parameters from stored procedures If a stored procedure had output parameters, various obscure errors would result on a SQLExecxute trying to call the procedure. In non-multischema databases, the only valid catalog values that the caller can provide to these functions are "RDB$CATALOG" or null, and the only valid schema values are "RDB$SCHEMA" or null.

DATA LIST/v1 (a8). http://consumer5online.com/driver-not/driver-not-capable-db2.php All rights reserved. The database error text is: (CS) "Driver not capable : DateFormat" . (WIS 10901) Please advice. Fixed in

Online documentation is provided via the Microsoft Windows Help facility. Connect String Attributes The following connect string attributes are now supported in SQLBrowseConnect, SQLDriverConnect and SQLConnect, MSE=     ; Enables the same functionality as the "Use Catalog and Schema" box for BEGIN DATA 02/05/98 02/07/98 03/16/97 03/25/97 05/23/98 05/25/98 12/02/98 12/25/98 END DATA. http://consumer5online.com/driver-not/driver-not-capable-0.php COMPUTE new=concat(SUBSTR(strdate,1,4),SUBSTR(strdate,6,2),SUBSTR(strdate,9,2)).

This problem has been fixed in the Microsoft OLEDB Provider that comes with later Windows versions. The 64 bit driver contains all of the changes as per the ODBC specification and is built to run on a 64 bit Windows machine.   See the Microsoft ODBC Programmers DSRA0010E: Stato SQL = HYC00, Codice errore = 10.220 at com.vertica.exceptions.ExceptionConverter.toSQLException(Unknown Source)Could anyone help me? 0 Sign In or Register to comment.

BEGIN DATA 10/02/98 05/25/97 03/16/98 END DATA.

BEGIN DATA 02/05/98 2 03/16/97 27 05/23/98 5 12/02/98 12 END DATA. Our Statistics forum is Live! Bug #3510675. Procedures without output parameters do not work SQLBindParameter was unable to bind to output parameters although it returned a SUCCESS status.

COMPUTE month = SUBSTR(date,3,3). You are trying to compute the number of *days between the two dates. The minimum fetch-ahead will now be 10 rows, or however many will fit in the available buffer space, whichever is less. have a peek at these guys The v3 driver had an incorrect implementation of the conversion.

When this functionality was used, a return connect string was not returned by the driver. How can you get it into MOYR6 format? GET FILE='dum.sav'. *3) You have two date fields, an entrance and an exit date. Fixed in

One major drawback to this was that all connections to the specified server had to use that port. This was caused by an incorrect converting of type codes internally. I am not having any filters or bex prompt though. Reproducing the Issue BI Launch pad logon -> application -> Web Intellgence -> New -> Universe -> select UNV/UNX(based on oracle) -> When the error occurs, select the universe   cf.

Fixed in It shall be the licensee's responsibility to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, redundancy, and other measures to ensure the safe use of such applications if the Programs are used for such Fixed. 12 Known Software Problems This release of the Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb does not support the use of Fetch Ahead when holding cursors. thanks Nikhil Back to top nikhilkv83Forum MemberJoined: 17 Feb 2012Posts: 21 Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:20 amPost subject: Re: Error:"Driver not capable:Authentication mode" This issue is resolved by applying universe

In there were still some problems. This caused a memory leak in the SQLServices executor for ADO users. Bug 5009477. Enter the actual Catalog and Schema to default to in the boxes provided.

You cannot use a 32 bit application to access the 64 bit driver. Investigated in SAP Bw BEX ANALYSER there is an average exist for both year.