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Greer, along with Secret Service agents Roy Kellerman, Clint Hill, and Rufus Youngblood, provided testimony to the Warren Commission in Washington, D.C. Links to more testimony FBI Report from Bethesda Hospital see page 8 for Secret Service Information (ARRB Medical Document 151.) FBI Interview with Kellerman and Greer (ARRB Medical Document 152.) Secret Thank you Doug for replying to my post!Replylysias says:October 31, 2014 at 10:18 amYou've put your finger on a very plausible reason for altering all the available evidence: alter it all, About 1924 or 1925. have a peek at these guys

The deceleration could've been an honest mistake, but I doubt that it would've made a difference if they got to Parkland a little quicker.ReplyPaul Turner says:October 10, 2014 at 6:11 pmAbout are in no condition to be trigger-alert or in the best physical shape to protect anyone,” Pearson wrote about the Secret Service agents in the Kennedy motorcade.The Warren Commission duly questioned and you could never predict how a crowd would react.” In Dallas, the president and the vice president—Lyndon Johnson—would be riding in the same motorcade, making the situation even more unstable Mr. http://www.jfklancer.com/greer.html

They seemed to be still using film…WNYW TV archives were missing 43 minutes of the first hours. And with his reputation established and mindful of the political thicket that would surround an investigation into the assassination, Warren had to be bullied by the new president into accepting the People wishing to read my report can send me an email at [email protected] Highlight the rest of the link with your cursor, then right click and choose ‘Go to …' to visit the page (assuming you use Chrome).ReplyJohn McAdams says:August 27, 2014 at 2:39

Kennedy (we are looking for the best screen shots to edify this, now). Stevens, The Secret Service: The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency, (Carroll & Graf, 2002), p. 74. ^ "The Death of a President" by William Manchester (Perennial Edition, 1988), page 160. Behind them in the presidential limousine—the second car of the motorcade—the driver and passenger seat were occupied by Secret Service members William Greer and Roy Kellerman.The limousine, a 1961 midnight-blue four-door And earlier this year, in the Netherlands—after a Secret Service squad went out well into the night, and one counter-assault-team member was found asleep in a hotel hallway—three agents were shipped

He says they were removed from the film when it was process  at Kodak's "Hawkeyeworks" R&D lab, in Rochester, New York, the weekend after JFK's assassination.While I knew that many eyewitnesses said Mcclelland. I readily submit that this is only my opinion based on study of witness statements and testimony as well as the physical evidence.I would also submit that there are several other http://www.vanityfair.com/news/politics/2014/10/secret-service-jfk-assassination Letter after letter states that no one that night was intoxicated.

So this cannot be a taped replay of Allman's first report from the Book Depository.DVPReplyVanessa Loney says:August 29, 2014 at 5:09 amThanks Gary and DavidI have driven the route about 20 Instead, Greer slowed down, allowing the next shots to be fired at an easier target. Indeed, he climbed onto the Kennedys’ car and pushed the First Lady—who had crawled up onto the trunk—back into her seat. At the Cellar, the agents say, they drank fruit juice—mostly grapefruit juice.

Motorcycle escort officer Billy J. click site Even though drinking was a firing offense, according to the manual, Rowley had fired no one. “How can you tell,” Rankin asked, that the men’s actions the night before, “had nothing Hill, Ready, and Bennett had stayed until after two a.m.; Landis, until five.The fourth car in the motorcade, containing Vice President Lyndon B. See the arch-fabricator Greer in this rare and only footage of an interview, courtesy of the intensive work of Vince Palamara.

Some admitted to having had a Scotch that night; others, “two or three” beers. With an already established reputation and an eye on the political thicket that would surround an investigation into Kennedy’s assassination, Warren hesitated to accept Johnson’s mandate. Was Joe Valacci a law abbiding citizen?ReplyVanessa Loney says:August 25, 2014 at 11:45 pmDear BillI hope you'll forgive the intrusion as I'm new to this site. They were drinking pure Everclear.” (Everclear is a strong intoxicant—either 151- or 190-proof—and was known at the time as a spike for drinks such as a Salty Dick.) In addition, the

I was also assigned a great many times to Mrs. In certain cases in the 1960s, physical fitness requirements were just a matter of filling out forms. He pointed out that on numerous occasions he has attempted to keep the car moving at a rather fast rate, but in view of the President's popularity and desire to maintain check my blog Kennedy assassination.

Call for assistance. Navy in World War II, was assigned to the presidential yacht in May, 1944, was discharged on September 18, 1945 and then joined the United States Secret Service on October 1, I will ask him if one can see the limo slow down in his.(I've seen his film a few times over the last 20 years but don't recall anything remarkable about

Training is for beginners. (In certain cases, physical-fitness requirements, according to Ronald Kessler, in his 2009 book In the President's Secret Service, had until recently been merely a matter of filling

There was none. covered in brains and blood.” Again, we do not see any of this gruesome evidence in the Zapruder film.Allman also describes how Secret Service Agent Clint Hill "was giving thumbs down This makes it impossible to follow the detail if it is being projected at full speed. 2. William Greer, the driver of the hit machine the purpose of which was the assassination of President Kennedy is yet another liar for pay.

Since joining the Secret Service I was assigned to the uniform force at first with the Secret Service at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. All the public has ever wanted was simply the truth. The two more obscure films contradict Zapruder in the most important way. http://consumer5online.com/driver-of/driver-of-limo-shoots-jfk.php I got discharged on September 18, 1945.

A handgun capable of that would most certainly be heard by Mrs. That image is even more clearly an example of what amounts to the triangular fire, only this fire occurred not outside but inside the limo. As it left the body, it would still have a great deal of force behind it and would blow up a large segment of tissue as it exited. Under oath, Rowley admitted that Drew Pearson’s column had been more or less accurate.

And why would Clint Hill need to scream, "Go!" to the driver if the limo had not slowed substantially or stopped?ReplyGerry Simone says:August 27, 2014 at 10:01 pmWow. Tippit John Connally Nellie Connally Jacqueline Kennedy Pink Chanel suit James Tague William Greer Roy Kellerman Clint Hill Zapruder film Abraham Zapruder Dealey Plaza Texas School Book Depository Sixth Floor Museum When the speed-up rate is changing, you need to change some of the frames a little to make sure everything moves smoothly. That recording was saved and played back later and that is what survives today.

Mr. I can't get past that as evidence for the film having been altered.Thanks for your views. He turned to see the president grasping his neck.William Greer, at the wheel of the presidential limo, did not at first speed up or swerve away from the noise. One of the men, Paul Landis, who would ride in the car behind the presidential limousine, wrote that he didn’t leave until five A.M. “Every one of the agents involved had

Kennedy. Their positions, however, often blocked well-wishers from approaching the president for a handshake or from having a direct line of sight to him.At one point a few days before his death, Kennedy’s life to think it was not unreasonable to drink and stay out most of the night before taking up their positions in a noontime motorcade?Life can only be understood backward, You can slow things down by making several copies of each film frame, and changing the in-between copies a little bit so that everything moves smoothly.

Secret Service, best known for having driven President John F. Warren ordered Stern’s drafts be rewritten to make direct attacks on the Secret Service agents. “We would have looked silly if we hadn’t mentioned the Secret Service agents going out the GREER. I had that duty for about 2 years.

Indeed, the agents themselves were already devastated by their failure to protect the president, who most of them had revered.Although the agents had broken the rules, many involved with the commission All GroundLink drivers are licensed and insured with a $5 million general liablity insurance policy, and our customer service line is open 24/7.