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Driver Paralell Lines Walkthrough


Then, press R1 to melee attack a pedestrian or policeman to play as him or her. Use the stairs on the right hand side of the warehouse. Loading... When you jump, it really scares the hell out of him. http://consumer5online.com/driver-parallel/driver-paralell-lines.php

Jump in the car and drive to the west towards the yellow marker on your map. First off crouch by pressing the L2 button and kill the gangster behind the ticket gates. Text message displayed: ‘Shortest day cheat unlocked.Ââ€Far Out (900 miles) Permanent 'drugged' effect. But, don't stay too close to the Chopper otherwise you will miss the package.

Driver Parallel Lines Cheats

Is Anthem a Destiny Killer? Working... Version 0.40: ============= Completed 17 missions, completed character information, added new section (Weapons), started on vehicle list etc.

Your money will be returned, but all the mods and parts will remain. I have written this FAQ to help and guide you through the missions, secrets, weapons and much more. You should be able to get all the info in three or four jumps. Driver Parallel Lines Ps2 Cheats Once you have done that a cut scene occurs.

The next part of the mission involves you and Candy escaping of the island. Driver Parallel Lines Map Rating is available when the video has been rented. farStar /فار ستار 491,701 views 3:32 Driver San Francisco Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary - Duration: 15:01.

Bishop ====== Hard, proffesional, greedy and cunning - a loner who has trouble trusting anyone but himself.

He thinks of everything. Driver Parallel Lines Review When you get there, a gate will open. Get out of your car and plant the bombs (R3) and then trigger the bomb (R3). First of all drive straight ahead a few meters and turn left.

Driver Parallel Lines Map

Use the ramps available. Weak cop cars Enter "KEYSTONE" as a code. Driver Parallel Lines Cheats Use the same tactics as the shop before, but be careful not be shut in. Driver Parallel Lines How To Get A Helicopter Get out when you are at the race track and shoot the car until it explodes.

The La Guardia Circuit Race will now be re-opened, but you will retain the money you won from the last race. see here The car will go through the fence without damaging the car or fence. Once you have done that you've got to chase the convoy, when close enough press the R3 button to blow the car up. He's got a great smile and you trust him from the word go, but behind the smile is an amoral, ruthless man. ===================================================================== 4. Driver Parallel Lines Wii

Copyright © 1997-2017 Cheat Code Central. Watch the cut scene and you've done. Once your at the bridge get out of your car and press R3 in the yellow now head forward to trigger the bomb. http://consumer5online.com/driver-parallel/driver-paralell-lines-pc.php Once you have dispatched the gangsters, the truck driver will tell you that he's having engine trouble and pull off the road and into a back alley.

Tobaku 1,597 views 10:59 Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Part 18 - The Mexican - Duration: 9:23. Driver Vegas The best way to lose the tail is by doing a handbrake turn and then firing a few bullets into the drivers. The two gang cars will follow you incessantly, so try to iscolate each one.

Tobaku 2,167 views 4:55 Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Part 4 - Pay Ray - Duration: 11:17.

This mission is located just under the New Jersey lettering on the map. Now turn right, then left, then right. When you reach the finish line its mission complete. Driver 76 First of all run down the stairs and get into any car, preferably a quick one.

Just tail them and fire until the driver is dead, make sure the driver is dead as they have guns and become quite annoying. Other Special Features Forums Newsletter PSX Extreme About Us Links Privacy Policy Advertising Site Stats Total Members: 29,508 Guests Online: 1,380 Members Online: 2 Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough ____ _ ____ Once they have been taken out follow Maria to the third roadblock. http://consumer5online.com/driver-parallel/driver-paralell-lines-cheats.php All rights reserved.SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of Use Skip navigation AESign inSearch Loading...

A message should appear telling you that you have succesfully shook off the chasing gangsters. First of all you need to drive or walk to the yellow marker. Get out of the car and hop into the back of the truck. Planet-Driver.de 9,815 views 1:45 Detonado Driver Parallel Lines '' Explodindo Tudo '' (16) - Duration: 13:04.

The Atari logo can be seen on a neon signs at Times Square. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike unless otherwise noted. I'm A Better Gamer Than YOu Truckloads Of Parked Antilli VO3s You need to go to Jerser Racetrack in the 2006 era. MrClassiccarenthusia 3,338 views 35:33 Let's Endure: Driver San Fransisco - Duration: 1:03:14.

Is Japanese Gaming Better Than the West in 2017? 8 Long Ass Games Totally Worth the Cash More Special Features... Now get back to the mission's starting point and a cut scene will show the next objective. watch out for cops here, so get your gun ready. Driver: Parallel Lines Glitches Xbox | Submitted by killermunkee Drive a Totaled Car at any ray's auto shopGo to Ray's auto shop and drive any CAR (not motorcycle) into the garage.

After a while a helicopter will arrive as you go over the bridge. However, you'll get some attention from the cops who will try and stop you, so try and avoid them by weaving through traffic etc. If you look closely at some cars, you will notice they are exact replicas of cars around the city in the original Driver. Mixerced 97,631 views 12:14 Driver: Parallel Lines - Introduction & First Mission (HD) - Duration: 9:39.

Upon losing their tail you complete the mission.