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RPG Real world model: HK 69 The RPG is similar to the grenade launcher, the main difference being that the grenades are propelled and therefore much faster projectile. The cover of Driver: Parallel Lines, Wii edition. However, he manages to drive a bike across the rooftops of buildings, and enters the back of 'The Mexican's' truck, and they drive to a warehouse meeting point. Each of these characters has different roles in this crew and get TK involved in crime. useful reference

TK is released in 2006, now aged 46. Corrigan became Chief of Police. Corrigan escapes in a helicopter and lures TK into a tunnel in New Jersey. Coincidentally, both Driver 76 and the PC/Wii versions of Parallel Lines are the first Driver games to be published by Ubisoft.

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Trains do run on the above ground railway system. Range (metres): 80. Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. Due to the underwhelming performance of Driv3r, particularly the often-derided on-foot sections, Parallel Lines returns to the formula used in earlier games in the series, focusing on driving, although shooting remains

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GANGSTER real model: IMI Desert Eagle A more powerful version of the standard pistol with a reduced rate of fire and capacity. Driver Parallel Lines Cars Candy ran "an empire of trash", distributing Slink's porn across the country and running a prostitution ring, and Corrigan, using powerful connections from the trio, rose to the role of New The same principle applies to out-of-car activities, such as weapon use, and allows the player to holster a weapon in order to lose police attention until spotted committing illegal acts again. I thought that fucking kidnap was never gonna go away. ―Corrigan. TK gets annoyed and tells him that it wasn’t a kidnap but an ordinary assassination and that Corrigan knew

Retrieved September 4, 2014. ^ a b "Driver: Parallel Lines for PlayStation 2 Reviews". Driver Parallel Lines Tk In the living room, Corrigan is sitting on a couch with a silenced gun in his hand. PlayStation Magazine: 89. This'll come back to haunt us. ―Candy. Candy tells TK (who is being held at gunpoint by two of Candy’s guards) that it’s time to ‘go back to the seventies

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In return, Corrigan would help Ray getting rid of his debts: Did Ray tell you I had an eye on running for Mayor? http://dpl.wikia.com/wiki/Home After arriving at the killing field and eliminating the guards assisted by several other gangsters, TK extracts the limo with Rafael Martinez and brings him to a warehouse in Hunts Point. Driver Parallel Lines Soundtrack Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Driver Parallel Lines Mods TK does two jobs for her, involving guarding her and helping her to transport an Antilli VO3 Special to one of Candy’s clients.

The interpretation of New York City in Parallel Lines is not GPS street-accurate like True Crime: New York City's Manhattan. see here The game's Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey consists of 222.5 miles of roadway, larger than the combined total of all three cities (Miami, Nice, and Istanbul) from DRIV3R. Retrieved September 4, 2014. ^ a b Helgeson, Matt (May 2006). "Driver: Parallel Lines (PS2, Xbox)". After an intense fight in an abandoned amusement park with several of The Mexicans gunmen, TK manages to kill him. Driver Parallel Lines Review

If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial. LI-15 Real world model: Armalite 10 Slower rate of fire than the Service 9, but with the advantage of more accuracy over a greater range. Ray did this in exchange for money, because of his gambling problem and subsequent debt. this page Create your own and start something epic.

Driv3r Characters Calita · Charles Jericho · John Tanner · Tobias Jones Vehicles Driver: Parallel Lines Characters Bishop · Candy · Corrigan · Maria · Ray Davies · Slink · The Driver 76 Rubberfunk ft. Caliber: 9x19mm Parbellum Magazine Capacity: 32.

Bishop hatches a plan to break an associate, Candy, out of Rikers Island Prison, and gets jobs for TK so he can get access to prison, like stealing a prison van

He is then introduced to two other prominent gangsters, "The Mexican" and Bishop. 'The Mexican' usually sets up races for him to prove his way as a driver. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U New Super Mario Bros. Unlock: After finishing the "Gunman" mission. 44H real model: S&W Model 29 Classic Packs a lot of punch, like the shotgun, yet it has longer range. Driver 6 Parallel Lines contains several similarities to some Grand Theft Auto games: Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Both games involved the protagonists (TK and Tommy Vercetti) getting imprisoned for at least

IGN. McKinley Jackson Free Your Mind Oscar Brown Jr Gang Bang United 8 Gettin' Uptown (To Get Down) Suicide Ghost Rider True Crime: New York City Billy (Sugar Billy) Garner I Got Because the guards couldn’t finish their action, TK does not receive a lethal dose and steps in a vehicle. Get More Info The songs play while the player is in a vehicle, as if they were on the radio.

And then Corrigan showed, snapped his fingers, and it stopped. The Wii is a gaming console made by Nintendo, and is their main console. Several things have changed in the game from real-life New York, for example, New York City Police Department has simply been dubbed into "City Police". Content is available under CC-BY-SA.

Being a relatively easy target, TK decides to kill the Mexican first. TK is not a ‘kid’ anymore and New York breathes a new, modern atmosphere. Also, both games featured supporting characters getting killed during the events of both games and reappearing in their respective prequels as the playable protagonists. Content is available under CC-BY-SA.

We would love you to join the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki, and contribute as much as you can! Due to his debts, Ray does everything to clear them. Range (metres): 70. Notable groups featured on the soundtrack include Funkadelic, Can, Suicide, The Stranglers, War, Iggy Pop, Blondie, David Bowie, Parliament, The Temptations, Average White Band, Public Enemy, The Roots, TV on the

The game was released by two different editors, Atari and Ubisoft, respectively. Driver: Parallel Lines From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Driver: Parallel Lines Developer(s) Reflections Interactive Publisher(s) Atari (PS2 and Xbox) Ubisoft (PC & Wii) Director(s) Tanner Harvey Writer(s)