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SNOOPY 56K PCI intern, Bestell-Nr. 1895-1, Lucent LT Winmodem chipset PCI . . button to select the folder where you have extracted the driver files. H8NTAI-34687-M5-E Askey/OEM V1456VQL19R[-1](INT), MagicXpress MX56-19R(INT) internal, Fujitsu Lifebook C-6555/C-6545/A-4170/C-6175/C-4175, Lucent LT Winmodem (Mars-3), Mini-PCI type IIIB (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0450&SUBSYS_80A81033) PCI Marvin Budd H8NTAI-34262-M5-E Askey/OEM 1456VQH-C (ATH3=WBS) PCI H8NTAI-34688-M5-E Askey/OEM 1456VQL-C, MagicXpress MX56L-C PCI Robotics V.92 Voice Host Int U.S. Source

Amigo AMI-CA50 (FCC), AMI-CW50 (R&TTE), PCI 56K/14.4K d/f/v modem, Rockwell HSF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1025&SUBSYS_1025127A) PCI 5RJFBOOBAMI-IA92 Amigo / Kobian Mercury AMI-IA92, Intel 536EP chipset (PCI\VEN_E159&DEV_0001&SUBSYS_00038086) PCI Eric Bride 5SA . Olitec . 6BMFRC-27019-M5-E PCI 56000 PCI Francis Montes 6BMFRC-33962-M5-E PCI 56K V2, PCI 56K V3, Rockwell RS56-PCI R6793-12 (HSF) chipset PCI Gerard Duteil, Stanislav Brabec 6BN . The driver is known to work with the CNET SinglePoint PCI modem using the Conexant HSFI CX11252-41Z chipset. Serome Electronics . 6RBKOR-35296-M5-E Serome M-PCT-56-PCI, PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem PCI 6RBKOR-35297-M5-E Serome M-PCT-56-ACL, PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem PCI 6RD .

Conexant Cx11252 Modem Driver Windows 7

Schmidt LNQUSA-27830-M5-E Actiontec HPP 00160, HP2000C, IBM FRU 10K2029, 56k modem/1Mbps LAN, Conexant RS7112 (LANfinity)/HSP56LD/R6789-22 chipset PCI LNQUSA-32756-M5-E Phoebe Micro CMVA56KLUPCI, ASMAX Internal PCI V.90, Lucent 1646 chipset PCI Silviu, Pawel All rights are reserved. Digicom Systems .

Allied Data Technologies/Tornado VFM56.0-PRC, VMP560, Conexant MonoPak HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_158B&DEV_0015&SUBSYS_0015158B&REV_08) PCI 6GANTH-35290-M5-E Allied Data Technologies/Tornado VFM56.0-PRS, VFM560, Conexant MonoPak HSF chipset, use the OEM driver because this device has a custom Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C212B9&REV_00) PCI ? FELTAI-27144-M5-E Taicom MR56PVS-SOFT, Rockwell HSF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2015&SUBSYS_2015127A&REV_01) PCI FELMR56PVS-HIFELTAI-32698-M5-E AOpen FM56-P, Acer/AOpen FM56-H, Acer FM56PVS(P)-HI, Wintec Powmem P56KDFV, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61P/11229-12P chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_1005127A&REV_01) PCI ? Sound fails to load during dialing with the older Microsoft-provided version.

CTCCHN-35751-M5-E Web Excel MD530US (*), ESS ES2838 chipset PCI DK4 .GVC . Conexant Hsfi Cx11252 Driver Windows 7 Win Modem PCI 56 CTR 21 (SN 1151233 to 1344943), Rockwell HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_D4621467&REV_01) PCI . . Hamlet H56PCIL, Lucent 1646T00 / 1034AH-J chipset PCI ? http://www.driverupdate.net/library/driver_list.php?type=modem&vendor_name=stefan+minehan&device_id=19661&device_name=D-Link+DFM-562IS+HSFi+PCI+Modem Kye Systems . 5JATAI-25617-M5-E Kye/Genius GM56PCI-R(V) PCI 5JATAI-25823-M5-E Kye/Genius GM56PCI-L, Lucent 1646 chipset, requires Lucent "Linmodem" driver PCI Oliver D Tali 5JATAI-35562-M5-E Kye/Genius GM56PCI-L3 PCI ?

MRi 1456PCI-R, Rockwell/Conexant HCF chipset 1456VQH-R:(PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1004&SUBSYS_1009144F&REV_01) 1456VQH-R1:(PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1034&SUBSYS_1016144F) -GV:(PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1034&SUBSYS_023113E0&REV_08) PCI . . Phoenix Research Group 56IVMCR, Motorola controllerless chipset PCI 6DGUSA-33729-M5-E Phoenix Research Group 56IVMSR, Motorola Soft Modem (HSP) chipset PCI 6DGUSA-25816-M5-EABZUSA-25799-M5-E Phoenix Research Group 56IXMR-PCI, Motorola SC143455RDK ? 6FW .Maxtech . 6FWTAI-33401-M5-E Microcomputer Research (UK) . ? Thakoor ?

Conexant Hsfi Cx11252 Driver Windows 7

P5JUSA-27504-M5-E Sevel A56SP-RS internal, Rockwell SoftK56 (HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_141A&DEV_2013&SUBSYS_2013141A&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_141A&DEV_2015&SUBSYS_2015141A&REV_01) PCI Augusto ? http://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=132235 WinCruise II, Model 62231, Conexant 11242 (SmartHSF) chipset PCI 5CCUSA-32573-M5-E WinCOMM V.90, Model 66210B, MOCR5620PCI, Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620T chipset PCI Paul D. Conexant Cx11252 Modem Driver Windows 7 The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free. Zoltrix Smart Spirit 56K/Sagitta, Conexant SmartHCF chipset PCI H4TFM-RIB3HC1B9USA-33032-M5-E Model FM-RIB3HC, Cobra 56K Model FM-5668 Rev. 2.0/FMSFT56i, Rockwell 20410-14 / 11235-14 (two-chip) HSF chipset PCI H4TFM-56871B9USA-27236-M5-E Cobra 56K Model FM-5687/FMSFT56i, Rockwell

Model 18023-2, Rockwell HSF chipset PCI ? FMHCF56i Spirit 56K Model FM-5668 Rev 1.3, Rockwell RCVDL56DPGL/SP R6776-33P / 11229-14 (HCF chipset). EUDUSA-25432-M5-E WinStorm 56K, Model M(D)56HI, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 (HCF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_000210C0&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1025&SUBSYS_000410C0&REV_01) PCI EUDUSA-33545-M5-E Model M56AI PCI F2M . H8NTAI-25712-M5-E MagicXpress MX56-R, Max-Link/OEM/AmJet 1456VQH-R, Dynalink PCI Card56, Phoebe Micro CMV56KRAPCI (Rocket Express), Rockwell RLDL56DPF R6785-62 (HCF) chipset PCI Vardan Akopian H8NTAI-25618-M5-E OEM/Generic/Askey 1456VQH-T1, 1456VQH-T2, MagicXpress MX56-T2, Lucent 1646T00 (Mars-2) chipset

Archtek Telecom . ? Garnet Systems . Harmony USA . ? have a peek here by Plum Microsystems) PCI 4O9TAI-34509-M5-E OEM WS-5614FMU PCI 4O9TAI-34752-M5-E OEM WS-5614PSL1, WS-5614PML1 PCI 4O9TAI-35590-M5-E OEM WS-5614PML3 PCI 4O9TAI-35028-M5-E OEM WS-5614KMEB host signal processing 56K/14.4K d/f modem for PC PCI 4O9TAI-35129-M5-E CIS

Sysgration SYS-MC56001, Rockwell HCF chipset PCI 5AKTAI-33398-PT-E5CRKOR-25848-M5-E Amquest AM56Soft, Panacom PM56RS, Sysgration SYS-MS56005, Rockwell RS56/SP-PCI11P1 R6793-21 (HSF) chipset PCI 5AKTAI-27299-M5-E Panacom PM56MS, Agiler/Solomon/Sysgration MS56006, Wintop WIN5606, Motorola HSP chipset PCI 5AKTAI-33821-M5-E IFA . G9TTAI-25851-M5-E PCI56PVP, PCTel HSP56 chipset PCI Stuart Butterfield G9TTAI-25852-M5-E PCI56SRXV, Conexant RS-56PCI R6793-12 (HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2014&SUBSYS_201413DF) PCI ?

AMVSNG-27084-M5-E Momenta PCI V.90 Combo, M56-VAP, ESS ES56CV-PI chipset PCI ANO .

Kingston Technology . 3M5TAI-35886-M5-E Kingston KCNR156, PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem with LAN PCI 4J2 . Simons, Chris Speidel 4J2SNG-25598-M5-E Model MSP3880-U(X), Rockwell RS56-PCI R6793-11 (MonoPak HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2014&SUBSYS_4050122D):MSP3880-U PCI 4J2SNG-27505-M5-E Model MSP3880SP-U(X), MSP3880V-U(X), Rockwell HSF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2016&SUBSYS_4056122D):MSP3880SP-U PCI ? Download and Install the most up-to-date drivers Protect your system from component errors Manage all your drivers in one place Quickly and Easily control updates with one-click Home Download Purchase No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.

SmartLink 56PCI-C V.90 Data/Fax/FDSP Modem, Cirrus Logic CLM chipset (PCI\VEN_1013&DEV_4000) PCI ? Max Internet Communications . 6RDTAI-35189-M5-E Max I.C. LNQUSA-27421-M5-E MP560LH internal, Lucent 1646 (LT Winmodem) chipset, Mini PCI Type IIIB PCI Matthew G. Thundercom 56CV-PCI, Lucent LT Winmodem PCI Davide Morando 5JA .

Home Download Purchase Support Contact Search Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C312B9&REV_00) PCI 4X2USA-34110-M5-E U.S. Golden Melody FM56PCI [V:RWH-? 552-5600-010 WEL007], Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP 6785-61 (HCF/SP) chipset PCI ? Apache Micro Peripherals .