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Versa LXi, SXi, VX and VXi LAN only drivers for internal Xircom Mini-PCI LAN/modem combo. This driver is not for the Xircom Mini-PCI combo LAN/Modem option. Others (1)Refer to on-line help for the details of the operation after you start utility. (2)Backup CD-ROM isn't containing Personal Code Setting Utility. Tech Notes
RELEASE TYPE: Internal TITLE: Askey Modem Driver VERSION: v5.66 PLATFORM: Versa LXi, VX (N1, L1) LANGUAGE: English O/S: Win2000 ENGINEER: Sandy Cote DATE: 3/22/2000 INTRODUCTION: This driver is provided weblink

Wait until you hear diskette activity and release keys. 8). in fact i think it would benefit from a simpler interface.also while being able to track new versions of some programs and offer download and website links to some is nice, To decompress: icomp sysinst.z *.* -d -i _SETUP.LIB - This file contains InstallShield3, 16-bit support programs: _ISRES.DLL(16-bit), UNINST16.EXE and CTL3D.DLL _SETUP32.LIB - This file contains InstallShield3, 32-bit support programs: _ISRES.DLL(32-bit), UNINST.EXE, ADDED FEATURES: None BUGS FIXED: None KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: None TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Install and ensure functionality under Win2000 and Win9X. More hints

Nec Motherboard Drivers

Tech Notes
This is the French installation for ATI Display Drivers for Windows 95 and Windows 98. This installation is for the Versa LXi (N1++) platform. Use BIOS Update Diskette (BUD) version 4.40.03 to flash any Versa FXi with AMI B4+ BIOS 06 or above to System BIOS version 159A1800 (v18).

overall i'd say this is a nice effort, and it shows promise. ADDED FEATURES: None BUGS FIXED: No information available from vendor KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: No information available from vendor DEPENDENCY: Mobility M video controller requires ATI video BIOS TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Test against ATI Displaying present location in the site. Nec Ms-7594ma Drivers Select "Display a list of all the drivers..." and click Next. 8.

Systems loaded with 125BXXXX, 126BXXXX or 126Dxxxx BIOS can only use BUD 2.53.xx. Nec Versapro Driver Following documents can be found in Lotus Notes database: LX (N1) PRD LXi (N1+) PRD VX (L1) PRD VXi (L1+) PRD PREVIOUSLY RELEASED COMPONENTS: None DIFFERENCES: None COMPRESSED FILES: None BUILD V10: - Changed FIR ID from "NEC9141" to compatible ID - NSC6001. (US Only) BUGS FIXED: V11: - None V10: - Fixed for causing ACPI event viewer error under Whistler. https://support.necam.com/drivers/?m=539 Tech Notes
RELEASE TYPE: Internal TITLE: Xircom Combo Card Modem Driver for Win9X/NT 4.0 VERSION: 1.82 PLATFORM: Versa LX/LXi (N1/N1+)/ VX/VXi(L1/L1+) LANGUAGE: English O/S: Win9X/ NT ENGINEER: Sandy Cote DATE: 4/26/2000

For support in APAC please refer to: http://www.nec.com/global/prod/express/contact/index.html Applications O2Micro Personal Code Setting Utility v1.0 (For Versa VX/VXi systems equiped with Personal Code Detect buttons) hide this record Category: Nec Mate Drivers Select which PORT you want to use with your Modem. hide this record Category: Video File Name: VX-VideoT13-NT.exe Version: M6.10.30-T13 Posted: Mar 8, 2000 Operating System: Windows NT 4 Description: Versa VX video drivers for Windows NT 4. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Run Setup.exe 1.

Nec Versapro Driver

HDPrepEZ ver 1.9a for Versa systems with AMI BIOS using Windows 95, Windows 98 with FAT 32 and Windows NT 4.0. http://www.necdriver.com/ Video S3 Savage IX Driver ver. for Windows 98. Nec Motherboard Drivers This setup file should be run from within Windows 95 or 98, and will automatically configure the system to properly initialize the VersaGlide when the computer is shut-down to "Restart in Nec Laptop Drivers ADDED FEATURES: None provided by Silicon Motion BUGS FIXED: None provided by Silicon Motion KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: None TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Install and ensure functionality under Windows NT.

This change effects Windows NT4.0 systems only. http://consumer5online.com/nec-versa/driver-nec-versa-500.php It is not needed for an NEC Windows 95 environment. 1. The way to start the computer after setting Personal Code (1)Push the power switch of the computer. (2)Enter Personal Code on Personal Code Detect Button. (3)Push the Enter Button. BUILD INSTRUCTIONS: None. Nec Lavie Laptop Drivers

KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: This release supports Windows 98. WINDOWS 98 INSTALLATION NOTES ============================= LOCATION OF DRIVER: \E100BNT5.SYS (NDIS 5.0) LOCATION OF SETUP FILE: \NET82557.INF Manually Adding an Adapter in Windows 98 ======================================== If the New Hardware Found dialog box hide this record Category: Network File Name: Xircom-LAN40175-9x.exe Version: Posted: Oct 6, 2000 Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98 Description: Versa LXi, SXi, VX and VXi LAN only drivers for check over here TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Check to make sure that the installation is updating the sound driver files to the proper version.

Select "Search for a suitable driver for my device" and click Next. 8. Nec Versapro Drivers For Windows Xp Tech Notes
RELEASE TYPE: Internal TITLE: Windows 2000 Sound Driver VERSION: v5.12.01.4140 PLATFORM: Versa FXi (B4+) LANGUAGE: English O/S: Windows 2000 ENGINEER: Sandy Cote DATE: 6/07/2000 INTRODUCTION: These drivers are provided Enter the following location c:\winnt\options\FXi-Audio512014140-2K and click OK. 10.

The Modems Properties window will appear.

These drivers are only for the optional combo Modem/LAN internal Mini-PCI device. Under Windows 98, the user should only be prompted for the Generic USB and HID installation wizards, no file location/browse dialogs should appear. Click OK at the Select Device dialog box. 11. Nec Powermate Drivers However, during the first timer poll upon resume, the Applet will perform a check of whether the processor performance level has changed since the last poll that occurred before suspending.

ONLY to be used on laptops with AMI BIOS and Windows NT 4.0. REFERENCES: NEC VersaGlide Installation for Win 95/98 v1.00.02. Double-click a PCI Ethernet Controller. 5. this content Select the appropriate media checkbox and click Next. 7.

The installation was rebuilt with Installshield 6.1. Click Finish. 13. This installation uses InstallShield 5.53 with the International Language pack. At the Select Network Adapter window, click Have Disk. 6.

TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Install and ensure functionality under Windows NT 4.0 REFERENCES: Release.doc received from ESS. Select "Search for a suitable driver for my device" and click Next. 8. BUGS FIXED: None. REFERENCES: None.

The apoint.inf file in the My Installations\Alps45905unsigned\Drivers directory or in the release zip file will not exactly match the apoint.inf file from the released version of the 4.5.905 drivers as the During hardware detection, Windows 98 will prompt for manual interaction for the Generic USB and Human Interface Devices. Click Yes so the new setting can take effect. 3.2 If "NEC VersaGlide" can't be seen in the model column 1) Click on Show all devices. 2) Click NEC in Manufacturers All installation files are delivered in a password-encrypted .zip files.

Tech Notes
HDPrepEZ ver 1.9a for Versa systems with AMI BIOS using Windows 95, Windows 98 with FAT 32 and Windows NT 4.0. Installation file for 2-Button (without CD keys) Multi-Function Keyboard Utility for Windows 98. Double-click Other Devices or Network Adapters in the list area. 4. The change however works under all operating systems.

Upon reboot, click OK at the 'Invalid Display Settings' window. 9. epic just needs to clean it up a bit, and "westernize" it more. From the Control Panel, double-click the System icon. 2. Home Support NEC Downloads and Drivers Main content starts here.

Consistent Static On Modem When Accessing Line Dialing. 3.